Forerunners Programme Report Day 3&4


Forerunners Report Day 3 & 4

The final weekend of the Forerunners programme for 2021 took place on the 4th and 5th of December in the Sport Ireland Campus. Throughout the course of the weekend, 28 Forerunners participants from the 2020 and 2021 were present. Janie Frampton and Julia Lee from Team You delivered on various topics on the penultimate weekend of the programme.

Janie and Julia are the founders of TEAM You, who together have many years’ of experience in leadership and sport for development, particularly working with and within national governing bodies. Julia and Janie’s experience extends to world class global organisations who have shown a commitment to creating an instinctive and diverse workforce such as World Athletics, The International Federation for Sports Officials and Leadership Through Sports and Business. 

Janie and Julia delivered on three core topics developing ones Instinctive Leadership Journey, Conflict Management and Change Management. Participants were taken through a range of tasks and activities that analyse the groups leadership skills , whilst also having the opportunity to create a framework for change within their clubs and individualised personal development plans. 

The aim of the Forerunners programme was to:

Develop the individual personally and professionally.
Create higher skilled people to strengthen clubs across the Athletics Ireland membership
Help address the gender equity balance at a local, regional and national level
Provide the skills and expertise to empower women to take on senior leadership roles within Athletics Ireland.

The programme was a huge success and participants involved had the opportunity to connect with like minded women across the Athletics Ireland membership. The participants involved were administrators, coaches and leaders of our sport all whom emphasised the benefits of accessing a community of practice or network to offer support to one and other and enable shared learning. They highlighted that a coaching network is particularly helpful for some of the new female members in enabling them to build and develop positive relationships with others who have key experience and expertise. The group also identified that the support offered throughout the programme was much needed and it highlighted the opportunities that there are ample opportunities to progress within their club and sport. Many participants have expressed they have made friends for life throughout the programme and look forward to collaborating through their endeavours!

The participants will continue their development over the next number of months with the support and guidance of experienced mentors. They noted this is an element of the programme they found most enticing as it is an inspiring pathway in leadership and coaching for their development.

Pat Ryan, Director of Coaching & Development, was also present and expressed his support for their individual endeavours. He noted that female leadership within our membership and organisation is crucial in creating a gender equitable culture within clubs, and that Athletics Ireland will continue to adopt a whole of sport approach to gender equity.   

Thank you to the Forerunners 2021 group for their commitment to the programme and sport. Those involved are full with ambition, drive and determination , who have the ability to inspire and will most certainly direct, facilitate and positively influence our sport. 

Athletics Ireland are looking forward to supporting these future leaders, all of whom are now ready to deliver for our sport!

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