Innisfree AC up and running in Sligo


Innisfree AC is a new Juvenile and Senior athletics club based in Sligo.  The club was set up in conjunction with Karen Sweeney (Chairperson), Darren Norman  (Vice Chairperson), Philomena Heraghty (Childwelfare Officer), Jason Mulrooney (Secretary), John Travers ( Treasurer/Coach), Eimear O’Brien (Registrar/Coach), Dermot Mc Dermot  (Coach), Paul Barr (Coach) and Pat Tuohy (Coach).

Eimear O Brien explained the origins of Innisfree AC

 “It was felt there was a need for it in the area following the success at the Diversity Games last December (2018). A stipulation for the Diversity games is that half of the team must be of ethnic minority. Two local Schools adjacent to Globe House, a Direct Provision Centre in Sligo, managed to secure 4 team titles. Out of the 3 winning secondary school teams, 16 pupils were of the ethnic minority girls and were not members of any athletic club.  This naturally meant they had no access to any after school coaching while it also raised insurance issues. As there was an old 200m gravel track located at the back of the Mercy Secondary school, it seemed like the right move to get it reopened in order to provide after school training for the young people in the area and further develop their athletic potential.”

The club has proved to be a great success and, with no club transfers and as little as 3 months in operation, 19 athletes competed at the recent Sligo County Championships in which they managed to secure 10 medals between them. The club already has over 60 registered members.

Irish international athlete John Travers, commented

“The support in Sligo has been incredible. We owe a debt of gratitude to Sligo Credit Union who provided financial support for the club singlets. We also receive great support from our neighbouring athletic clubs. It really is a cross club structure.  Donore Harriers is still my club, Eimear O’Brien, Dermot Mc Dermot, Karen Sweeney, Jason Mullrooney are still are members of Sligo A.C. We were all fortunate enough to be part of great clubs with very happy childhood memories and we hope to provide the same for the young athletes in our club.”

Good luck to all involved!

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