National Marathon Championships


Marathon Update

Midnight Wednesday 26th October 2022 is the final deadline for any changes to the National Dublin Marathon entry list, for those who have already entered. After this time no further changes will be made to the current list that is displayed on our website. Please note that no new entries will be facilitated. We are only dealing with anomalies that have arisen in our current list.

National Marathon Championships: Team Declarations

Athletes will automatically fall into teams ranging from senior, over 35 and over 50. Declare if you wish to keep your athletes within their age categories.
Points to note.

  • By not declaring you have more flexibility.
  • Ex senior trumps all for top 3 teams. All 3 athletes of masters age could win a senior medal if they are fast enough. If they are not fast enough to score in gold, silver or bronze they will automatically score in their age cat team, ex 3 over 35s will revert back to over 35 team.
  • By not declaring,  teams are calculated by the fastest 3 athletes and placed into the age cat of the youngest member. Ex 2 over 35 athletes and 1 over 50 age cat will fall into the over 35 team.  You could lose an over 50 out of an over 50 age cat team as they are fast enough to fall into a 35 plus team
  • Declare only if you wish to keep your athletes in a specific age cat team. Remember when you declare  3 athletes you cannot make up the team with replacements if any of the 3 don’t show on the day.

If your club wish to declare a specific age category team please complete the form HERE

Entries: A provisional entry list for the National Marathon Championships can be viewed HERE. We ask athletes to contact us if there are any anomalies.

National Marathon Results

National Marathon results will be made available after this year’s Dublin Marathon once they have been verified. Please note these results will be provisional due to the factors listed below.

We ask that all Clubs and their athletes adhere to some important guidelines in order for us to produce accurate and speedy results.

1. Change of Club: Many athletes are registered for this year’s Marathon going back to 2019. Many have changed clubs or are no longer a member of the club they registered for in 2019.

Please inform us if you have changed Club or no longer a member of that club. This will affect results to be published in time. Please contact us with club changes only and NOT name changes.



2. Unauthorised Number swapping. 

PLEASE do not give your number to another participant. Both Dublin Marathon and Athletics Ireland prohibit numbers to be transferred to another person. There are many reasons for this.

By giving your number to another person you are affecting results in the following ways:

- individual gender results  (male wearing female number)

- Age category results can be affected e.g. Male over 35 gives number to male over 45 or female over 50 gives number to male over 35.

- Team results for male and female can be affected. All team’s senior, over 35 and over 50 are at risk of been inaccurate.

Runners who swap numbers will be deleted from the results. Finish line video will be vetted to verify results for age categories and team results.

Teams will be disqualified if any member of that team consist of runners where any number has been swapped. Please do not impact your team results by giving your number to another person.

All of the above will reduce the accuracy and speed of National Marathon results being published. 


3. Health and Safety.  The most important reason not to swap a number. The marathon is a very testing and physical challenge. In the event of a number being swapped with another person, the medics and organisers are unaware of that person’s medical history, or who their emergency contact is.

Your safety is the prime concern for Dublin Marathon and Athletics Ireland. We wish all participants the very best and hope you have a great day.

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