Regional Contacts

The association consist of provincial associations in Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster. There are 14 regions/districts across the provinces:

  • Connacht:  North Connacht and South Connacht.
  • Leinster:    North Leinster, South Leinster, East Leinster, West Leinster.
  • Munster:    North Munster, South Munster, East Munster. 
  • Ulster:       A District, B District, C District, D District, E District

14 Regions/ District’s  Area Contacts

Connacht Schools’ Athletic Association

North & South Connacht     Mary Barrett                    0866115574  


Leinster Schools’ Athletic Union

North Leinster     Alan O'Neill                       086 8829586

South Leinster    Billy Delaney                    086 0643704

East Leinster      Catherine Corcoran          087 6635788 

West Leinster     Kieran Gallagher               087 622 5450

Leinster Schools  Brigid Corrigan                087 6812524


Munster Schools’ Athletic Association

North Munster  Greg Ashe              0872346850

South Munster  Liam O’Brien         0863111598

East Munster     Mary Ashe            0868227064

Munster Schools'  Liam O'Brien 


Ulster Secondary Schools’ Athletic Association

“A” District - Lynda Greer, Bloomfield Collegiate, Belfast

“B” District - Joe Mcalister, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast

“C” District - Mary Devlin, St Mary’s Magherafelt     

“D” District - Brian Hanna, Lurgan College                             

“E” District - Lesley Dickson, Omagh Academy          

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