This page lists the policy documents for the Athletic Association of Ireland.

  1. Child Protection plan and policies can be accessed by clicking here
  2. GDPR policies and statements can be accessed by clicking here
  3. Constitution of the Athletic Association of Ireland - click here to view
  4. Athletics Association of Ireland Transfer Bye Laws 2022 - click here to view
  5. Board Handbook - click here to view
  6. Complaints & Disciplinary Officer & Process - click here to view
  7. Volunteer Integrity Equality and Dignity - click here to view
  8. Memorandum of understanding between Athletics Ireland and Athletics Northern Ireland - click here to view
  9. Strategic plan 2021 to 2028 - click here to view
  10. Risk policy - click here to view
  11. Financial Policy & Procedures -  click here to view
  12. Business Continuity and Crisis Management Policy - click here to view
  13. Women In Sport Strategic Plan 2021-2024- Click Here to View
  14. Sustainability Register - Click Here to view
  15. Climate Action and Sustainability Policy - Click Here to view

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