Athletics Ireland Licensing

The Athletics Ireland Road Race Licence is a system whereby the governing body helps to ensure that the essential organisational requirements for a road race are in place to ensure the safety of all concerned and consistency in race organisation standards across the country.

Steps in Applying for a License

  1. Write to the local Garda Siochana, informing them that a race is being planned and requesting they nominate a liaising Garda member. The name of the relevant contact at your local Garda station will be required when applying for a Licence.
  2. Contact the Your Local Athletics Club at the earliest opportunity as they have vast local knowledge of licensed races in the area and will guide the organising committee on a choice of date(s) to avoid clashes with other races in the area.
  3. Applications are then submitted by the Local Club to the County board for approval. It is recommended that Applications be submitted to the County Board ideally six months in advance of the proposed event. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to resolve any problems; dates etc.
  4. Applications should include
    • A Licence Application Form (Download HERE)
    • Athletics Ireland Course Measurement Forms completed by AAI approved course measure
    • A copy of the proposed entry form
    • A map of the course showing course marshals locations and mile/km points
    • Information/race instructions to be forwarded to entrants
    • Medical Plan
    • Appropriate Application Fee
  5. On approval by the County Board Applications should be submitted to Deirdre Marley, 19 Northwood Court, Northwood Business Campus, Dublin 9,, +35318869933
  6. Once your Licence has been approved, you will receive a unique Licence Number, which should appear on all Race Literature, along with a logo which certifies AAI Approval.
  7. It is requested that no event promotions take place prior to a Licence being approved and granted.


Athletics Ireland Insurance will provide insurance cover for the race on issue of the Licence. Proof of insurance is needed if applying for a Charitable/Organisational Licence, Commercial or International Licence.

Risk Assessment

  • A mandatory part of the process is a requirement to make a risk assessment.
  • The organising committee is responsible for the risk assessment. 
  • The County  Board and Athletics   Ireland do not require a copy of the risk assessment; however, a copy should be available on the day of the race for this to be checked by the Race Referee.

It is also recommended that a “Cancellation Procedure” document is prepared and displayed at Race HQ (An example document )

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