Get Ireland Running

There is a run in #allofus

Get Ireland Running is a national campaign that aims to increase awareness and encourage widespread participation in running for health, wellbeing and fitness. Athletics Ireland in coordination with Intersport Elverys and Irish Runner Magazine will be offering up free tips and advice on transforming your life by being physically active. All three partners are enthusiastic about inspiring and helping more people to enjoy the physical and emotional wellbeing benefits of running and share the belief that there is a run in all of us.

Exercise helps with not only your physical health but also your mental health, and the simplicity and accessibly of running makes it the perfect form of exercise to be enjoyed throughout life. And don’t worry if you’re just starting out, over 300,000 people in Ireland run on a regular basis already so won’t have to go it alone - Through 360 Athletics Clubs, Nationwide Fit4Life Groups, and 660 affiliated schools, Athletics Ireland continues to support people from the ages of 8 to 80 staying active, fit and healthy.

The hardest part is making that first step but there are number of ways to get started, the most common of which is to reach out to your local athletics club, each of which cater for a range of ages and abilities. You can find a full list of the Athletics Clubs throughout Ireland here.

If you aren’t ready to get involved in club life just yet, then our Get Ireland Running Blog will provide the perfect resource to get you up and running!

We look forward to supporting you on the journey.


Check out our running tips below:

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  5. Nutrition tips

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