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Coach in the Corner- The Women in Sport Edition aims to recognise the contribution, commitment and dedication of some of our female role models and leaders.

Their passion, dedication and effort allow each and every one of us to enjoy our sport to its full potential! Because of them, we remain involved in our sport regardless of ability or age, connected by our athletics community of fellow athletes, club members and friends.

The unparalleled commitment given by these women must be recognised and celebrated, because without them, we would have no athletics. These coaches have helped to maximise our potential, not just as athletes but as individuals and provide us with opportunities to grow and develop through sport.  

Over the next number of weeks, we will showcase some of the most influential coaches who have made enormous impacts on their local, provincial and national communities.

We hope this interview series will encourage more females to get involved, understand we all start somewhere and highlight the opportunities the sport can give us.

If you would like to highlight any of your female coaches as role models for this interview series, please contact


#1: Lisa Dixon - Le Chéile A.C.

Read Lisa Dixon's full Interview HERE.


#2: Phil Roche

Read Phil Roche's full Interview HERE.


#3: Perri Williams






Read Perri Williams' full Interview HERE.



#4: Theresa Kinane

Read Theresa Kinane's full Interview HERE.

#5: Mary McKenna

Read Mary McKenna's full Interview HERE.

#6: Mary Ashe

Read Mary Ashe's full Interview HERE.

#7: Mary Barrett

Read Mary Barrett's full Interview HERE.


#8: Kay Bannon

Read Kay Bannon's full Interview HERE.

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