Adolescent Girls Get Active

This research aims to establish how to encourage teenage girls to take part in regular physical activity and focuses particularly on the lived experiences of disengaged and gradually disengaged girls, i.e. inactive.

Throughout the work of this project, we discover what really matters in girls lives through 5 key anchors outlined in the image below. Learning about and understanding these anchors helps us get to know more about our target group.

Please download the research by clicking GirlsGetActive


Women in Coaching – Laura Turner Webinar

An Olympian with an enviable wealth of experience in international Athletics and a diverse educational background, Laura is a coach with a broad knowledge base. Laura has accused over 15 years’ experience in Athletics from grass-roots through to her senior athletic career as a GB International sprinter and medallist on the global stage. Laura will discuss her coaching philosophy and document the various strategies she currently implements for athlete development, profiling, and planning.

Throughout the presentation, Laura will highlight how she manages the various dynamics of her training group at West London Track and Field based at Brunel University as she caters for various disciplines and abilities. Managing both elite and development level athletes through their club and college careers can pose its challenges, but Laura will identify how best to execute action and setting performance goals for individual athletes.

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Alison O'Riordan- A Journey into High Performance Coaching

Alison was very honest about her journey, and reflected on some of the intricacies that can occur when trying to establish yourself as a coach.

She spoke very passionately about being true to yourself, and to challenge yourself, and creating your own opportunities to be different !

Alison’s presentation is very authentic and relatable and I feel many women will and can relate to her story.

To check out the webinar, please click HERE.


Developing Ireland’s Fastest Woman- The Journey- Shane McCormack and Phil Healy

Shane Mc Cormack is an IAAF Level IV qualified sprints and hurdles coach, and also coach to Ireland’s fastest ever woman , Phil Healy. Phil Healy is the first woman to hold the 100m and 200m record at the same time in 40 years, which she thanks Shane for.

Periodized planning, developing fundamentals and a consistent approach to training have been major pillars of her development as an international athlete. Shane’s seminar will focus on Phil’s junior to senior transition, managing adversity, and will provide insights into her training structure. Shane also discusses some approaches/considerations in the training and development of young women who wish to further their potential in the sport.

To check out the webinar, please click HERE.

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