Orna Murray – Your Health Psychology

Women in Sport Matters

Orna encourages healthy habits that are both simple and sociable , this webinar is aimed at both male and female coaches to engage in the webinar. The purpose of this webinar is to initiate conversations regarding female health within training groups and clubs to ensure long term participation within the sport.

Orna provides insights on female physiology , the relationships between periods and performance and also how we can support female development and potential.

This webinar gives support and practical advice on creating supportive and inclusive environments which cater for the needs of our female athletes and coaches.

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Katie Kirk- The Non Diet Sports Nutritionist

Katie is a registered sports nutritionist and nutritionist that has a keen interest in non-diet approaches. She is passionate about helping athletes build positive relationships with food, body and movement.

Katie has two features:

  • Disordered eating and behaviours in athletes... what’s the harm?

This webinar will discuss the problems associated with disordered eating and exercise in athletics. It will aim to dispel myths around dieting, weight loss and exercising behaviour, while teaching practical skills to improve relationship with food and body.

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  • Body Image & Athlete Identity

This webinar will outline what the athlete identity is and how body image plays a role in self-compassion and acceptance. It will aim to give solutions for athletes and coaches to create body positive/neutral environments in sport and encourage reflection on value & self-worth beyond athlete identity.

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Lorraine Boyce - Pelvic Floor Health- Down Below Physio

Athletics Ireland have been focusing on improving women's pelvic floor health to help all our female members! We want to support ALL mothers, young girls, professionals and athletes regardless of level or ability.

Pelvic floor health and development is an area that is rarely explored or discussed, but we hope that this document can assist all our members. Lorraine provides a step by step approach that can assist in the development of pelvic floor muscle training, which can be implemented without anyone ever knowing.

The document can be found HERE.


Sport Ireland Resources

Sport Ireland facilitated a series of webinars and panel discussions aimed at women and girls and those who support them in sport.

  1. Coaching the Female Athlete
  2. Go with the Flow- Menstrual Cycle and the Female Athlete
  3. Active During Pregnancy
  4. New Mums and Exercising

All these webinars can be found HERE.

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