Kilmallock AC Revitalise Athletics!


Our main coaches are Tony McMahon and Nuala Collins. Both Tony and Nuala are hugely experienced as runners and coaches and still compete successfully IN AAI competitions. They have many years of coaching juveniles in athletics  competitions and Community Games enjoying success at County, regional up to All Ireland level. More recent recruits to our coaching team are Colin Kinnane and Caroline O'Grady. They are our child welfare officers. Both of them are parents of young athletes in the club as well as being regular runners in our green and red singlet. All of our coaches regularly attend courses accredited by AAI to update their knowledge and skills.

The club has been running annual Fit4life programs for the last number of years, which has been hugely important in recruiting and retaining new members. It has swelled the ranks of our senior members as well as hopefully introducing a love of running and fitness into the lives of many of the people of the town and parish. We also have recently begun training sessions with an outside coach to introduce our senior members to other aspects of training such as interval, tempo, hill training, plyometrics, dynamic warmup and much more to help develop their potential.

Our new track that we are developing is obviously hugely important to the future of the club. 

The club was founded back in 1957 but for a considerable periods since then was in a state of hibernation. It was only the passion and the hard work of a few individuals that revitalised athletics in the area. Building our new track will hopefully provide a more sustainable future for Kilmallock AC. As well as that it has helped us connect with the community who have responded by providing almost all the work on a voluntary basis. We hope that this will give a sense of ownership of the new track to the whole community.

At the moment we have approximately 80 members split roughly 35, 45 senior and juvenile. Of course we hope to increase those numbers in the future and once we have our new training facility open, we plan to run events such as summer camps, boot camps for adults and courses in conjunction with the AAI. We also host our own annual race, as well as hosting events such as the Munster 4 mile road race championship, Limerick 4 mile road race and we hope to host the Limerick cross country championship this year. This will we believe boost interest in athletics in the area. ‘





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