Spraoi Games


Spraoi games is a team based multi event programme designed to support children’s athletics development in a fun environment.

It's based on the World Athletics model of Run, Jump, Throw. The focus is on introducing and promoting a range of athletics events to young athletes.  This is done in a team environment which increases enjoyment and reduces pressure for the young athletes. Team spirit, friendship and a sense of belonging are enhanced in the team format. The level of competitive pressure is appropriate to allow them progress in the sport while enjoying a positive, fun experience.

The athletes typically take part in a sprint, standing long jump and bean bag throw and then finish off with a relay race.  They are informed of their performances.  This allows them benchmark and seek to improve their personal best at the next opportunity.  Spraoi Games can be arranged as a local club competition or alternatively as a participation / “come and try” event. In the competition model, scores are allocated to athletes based on their performances.  The scores are tallied according to each team and rankings reached.  If the competition element is not included, then score tallies are not required.

The event is designed to finish in two hours which reduces pressure on both officials and families.

Several pilot events are being held across the country now and we encourage all clubs to trial this event.  Event templates are available and branding material has been sourced.  Please contact your local RDO for more details.

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