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2018 European Cross Country Championships Team Announcement

Selections for the 2018 European Cross Country Championships have been made and are now available in the 'Selections' column on the Calendar below.


Age Competitions 2018 Competition Dates 2018 Venue Selection Policy Selections
SR/U23/U20 European Cross Country 9th December 2018 Tillburg, Netherlands Link here

Link Here

Age Competitions 2019 Competition Dates 2019 Venue Selection Policy  
SR/U23/U20 European Indoors 1st - 3rd March 2019 Glasgow, Great Britain Link here  
SR/U23 European Thowing Cup 9th - 10th March 2019 Samorin, Slovakia    
SR World Cross Country 30th March 2019 Aarhus, Denmark Link here  
SR World Relays 4th - 5th May 2019 Yokohama, Japan    
SR/U20 European Race Walking Cup 19th May 2019 Alytus, Lituania    
SR European Games 23rd - 28th June 2019 Minsk, Belarus    
SR/U20 European Combined Team Champs 6th - 7th July 2019 Ribeira Brava, Portugal    
SR European 10,000 Cup 6th July 2019 London, Great Britain    
U23 European U23 Championships 11th - 14th July 2019 Gavle, Sweden    
SR/U23/U20 W.U.G 3rd - 14th July 2019 Napoli, Italy    
U20 European U20 Championships 18th - 21st July 2019 Boras, Sweden    
U18 EYOF 20th -28th July 2019 Baku, Azerbajan Born 2002 or 2003  
SR European Team Championships 9th - 11th August 2019 Sandnes, Norway      
SR World Championships 28th Sept - 6th October 2019 Doha, Qatar    
SR/U23/U20 European Cross Country 8th December 2019 Lisbon, Portugal      
  Development Competitions Competition Dates 2019 Venue Selection Policy  
SR/U23/U20/U17 Northern Ireland International Cross Country 19th January 2019 Billy Neill Centre of Excellence, Belfast Link Here  



National Relay Programme

Athletics Ireland is pleased to announce the National Relay Programme Coaching Team for the 2019 season. See here.

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